Every electrical project, whatever the size, deserves keen attention to detail and expert, knowledgeable service. That’s exactly what JPR Electrical delivers.
We are a Licensed Electrical Contractor and a proud member of the Ontario Electrical League. We are process-driven, bringing professional and structured methods to every installation. And, as a family-owned company that has been serving Oakville for more than 20 years, we stand behind our work.
Ask those who have worked with us. We are “the right connection.”
You can forget it, because we won’t
Already bringing superior trade knowledge to every project, our work is strengthened by our partnerships with industry agencies and our openness to new, innovative products. Whether we’re adding a single receptacle to a home or wiring an entire commercial building, we apply a meticulous, multi-step process to ensure best results. We:
Plan out the project
Execute with precision
Document everything
From pre-mapping to final inspection, we never take shortcuts. We’re only interested in doing things right, ensuring thorough completion—and proper documentation of every wire, outlet, junction box, and in between. That’s what reduces snags at the end of projects, and that’s what makes future updates easier and less costly; there’s no need to dig for wiring in ceilings and walls.
An estimate you can count on
Our estimate may seem higher than others, but that’s only to serve you better. As a partner within the building industry, we know that having the “worst-case scenario” up-front can help significantly with your budgeting and planning—knowing that you won’t be hit with hidden costs when the project ends.
With JPR Electrical, the only surprise you’ll get is hearing that we came in under our original estimate.